Orion’s key message is: “It’s your life. Live it well!” which is reflected throughout all our processes, services and products

Formerly known as Transition & Integration Services (TIS), Orion Services is a disability support organisation based in Western Australia with a long history of delivering quality individualised services to people living with disabilities and their families. In 2013, the organisation went through a re-branding process and name change to better reflect their professionalism and high standards of innovative person-centred services that the organisation delivers to all of its clients.

Our mission is to provide people living with disabilities and their families with the highest standard of support possible through our range of flexible, person centred services.

Orion Services’ passionate, knowledgeable team members’ prime mission is to ensure that our clients’ needs are met, focusing on each individual client’s vision, goals, and interests in line with their culture.


Image of two men fishing. One is holding up a tiny fish in the background while the man in front holds his hands out in front of him as if to show the size of a large fish he caught.