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Our Service Builder is totally free to register and free to use.

Service Builder allows people enquiring about a service to see how that service would operate and obtain a quote on that service.

A service representative may contact you to assist in this process and to assist in identifying any coordination elements.

In addition the Service Builder is the first in our online interactive service design range which allows our current service users and their families to interact with their service design and planning in real time,  making it easier to vary your service needs as you require.

 You can review and edit your service plan as you require.

PLEASE NOTE:  NDIS Trial Site pricing is not included due to the constant nature of change and the large amount of associated line items. If you are interested in NDIS costings please forward a copy of the items you wish us to quote on. Most pricing is fixed to that of the NDIS Price List for Western Australia.

Pricing included in the Service Builder are based on NDIS MyWay trial in Western Australia.

Prices last updated (02/12/2015 )


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