Our Shared Management Options

Through our association with Manage It we can offer you the latest web based services to enable you to take the control you need and run your services the way you want to run them.
Manage It is a WA company that specialises in developing web tools for people with disabilities and their families.


Compare Our Costs and Services!


Full Service: Includes 1:1 assistance from our experienced staff and the online self manager web tool 15% (Shared Management)

Share Managed: You employ your own staff (we can assist you do this.) Orion processes your staff pays, taxation, workers comp etc on you behalf. 7% fee, utilises Self Manager system.

LAC equivalent: Acquittal service using the Self Manager online tool with book keeping support for acquittal purposes 3% (Self Management)

You hold your own funds:  Agency is not involved? Just web tool service?  Sign up directly for a Self Manager subscription for $30.00 per month (True Self Management)



 The Self Manager website and tools have been developed with people with disabilities and their families. Extensive trials and feedback has led to the current product and service. Ongoing advice from consumers is always welcome for the continual evolution of our service.

Self Manager is the online management tool that allows Orion Services to reduce the amount of administration deducted from your funding, freeing up more funding for you to use directly... as it should be!